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    30141 - T-Ball Time

    T-Ball Time will feature parent/child introduction in T-Ball basics such as base running, field positions, batting and sportsmanship. This class will have a lot of repetitive drills to introduce the kids to the game. Adults must participate with children each week. Please bring a mitt!!
    Cherry Hill School Gymnasium

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    Add to Cart30141-A2T-Ball Time04/10/18 - 05/15/18 5:00P - 6:00PTuCherry Hill School$49/$543 years to under 5 yearsN/A WaitlistItem DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Co-ed

    30331 - Basketball 101

    Does your child want to begin playing sports, but may need to learn the basics? If so, these introductory classes, which are designed to teach basic skills as well as help the young athlete brush up on sport fundamentals, is the answer! Each of these classes will help them improve their eye-foot coordination and large motor skills. Please bring a water bottle to class.

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    Add to Cart30331-A1BASKETBALL 10104/10/18 - 05/15/18 6:00P - 7:00PTuCherry Hill School$49/$545 years to under 9 yearsN/AAvailableItem DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Co-ed

    32111 - Kids First Soccer Fundamentals

    Feel the excitement of scoring a goal! Soccer games are played daily with instruction. Kids will have plenty of fun with Kids First experienced coaches teaching soccer game techniques that give kids confidence and skills. Coaches will combine body balance and speed drills with soccer drills, making this program ideal for beginners to advanced players.

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    Add to Cart32111-A1Kids First Soccer04/05/18 - 05/17/18 6:00P - 7:15PThSpencer Trail School$695 years to under 11 yearsN/AAvailableItem DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Co-ed

    32120 - Kids First Bball Fundamentals

    Let’s Hoop it up! This basketball program focuses on fundamentals, basketball games and game preparation. Players will learn new basketball skills and safety techniques to make them game ready.

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    Add to Cart32120-A1KidsFirst Bball Fund04/04/18 - 05/09/18 6:00P - 7:15PWSpencer Crossing Gym$695 years to under 10 yearsN/AAvailableItem DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Co-ed

    32273 - Strider Bikes - Learn to Ride

    STRIDER Balance Bikes are industry leading training bikes that help children learn to ride on two wheels by focusing on the fundamentals of balancing, learning and steering without the distraction and complications of pedals. The STRIDER Bike’s simple no pedal design builds unbelievable confidence, eliminates fear because kids have their feet solidly on the ground, teaches your child to balance on two wheels right from the start and eliminates the need for a tricycle or training wheels. Participants must bring a helmet for class. Check out to watch a video and learn more about Strider Bikes.

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    Add to Cart32273-A1Strider Bikes Learn04/15/18 - 05/06/18 9:30A - 10:30ASuWalker Estates Park$36/$412 years to under 5 yearsN/AAvailableItem DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Co-ed

    32341 - Archery Class

    Whether you are brand new to archery or an experienced shooter, come out and enjoy four sessions of archery fun. You will learn safety, proper technique and form and shooting etiquette. There will be a lot of shooting in these sessions with shooting games and competitions mixed in. Staff at BowDoc Archery are USA Archery certified coaches. All levels of shooters are welcome from total beginners to experienced archers. BowDoc Archery will supply all of the equipment necessary for class.

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    Add to Cart32341-A2Archery Class04/03/18 - 04/24/18 7:00P - 8:00PTuBow Doc$717 years to under 18 yearsN/AAvailableItem DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Co-ed

    33545 - Kids First Speed Training

    Coaches will focus on teaching sprints, hurdles, jumps, distance running and throws in a safe and fundamental way. The program consists of Body Balance Techniques; speed, quickness and agility drills, producing a quicker, safer and more powerful performer. A wide variety of timed events will take place during each day, concluding with an event Championship Series on the final day.

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    Add to Cart33545-A1Kids First Speed04/08/18 - 05/06/18 1:00P - 2:15PSuLincoln Way West$695 years to under 9 yearsN/AAvailableItem DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Co-ed
    Add to Cart33545-A2Kids First Speed04/08/18 - 05/06/18 2:15P - 3:30PSuLincoln-Way Central$699 years to under 15 yearsN/AAvailableItem DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Co-ed

    34241 - LWA Youth Tennis

    Our play-based tennis instruction designed for children 10 years and younger. Featuring the TAUTennis play format, using age-appropriate equipment and courts scaled to the size of players, this program makes the game more accessible by allowing kids to get involved right from the start. Players actively acquire tennis skills and technique by working with each other! Age appropriate equipment will be available to use.

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    Add to Cart34241-A1LWA - Youth Tennis04/22/18 - 05/20/1810:00A - 11:00ASuLincoln-Way Central$565 years to under 8 yearsN/AAvailableItem DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Co-ed
    Add to Cart34241-A2LWA - Youth Tennis04/22/18 - 05/20/1811:00A - 12:00PSuLincoln-Way Central$568 years to under 11 yearsN/AAvailableItem DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Co-ed

    36674 - Kids First Dodge Ball

    We will play dodgeball games every day, ending with a competitive Championship Game on the last day of the program. This fun-moving sport will provide team competition and individual challenge matches on the court. Kids will have a blast running, throwing, dodging and ducking their way to victory while getting their bodies in shape. Kids love it! Super-safe dodgeballs are used!

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    Add to Cart36674-A1Kids First Dodge Bal04/04/18 - 05/09/18 7:15P - 8:30PWSpencer Crossing Gym$697 years to under 12 yearsN/AAvailableItem DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Co-ed

    36676 - Kids First STEPS Blast

    Batter UP! Blast Ball is the introduction to baseball for 4-5 year olds. The game is very safe – it is played with a soft bat and ball so no glove is needed. Each player bats once an inning and no scores are kept. Blast Ball consists of one base and it makes a “honking” noise when a player steps on it. Major League Baseball recognized Blast Ball as part of its campaign to promote the resurgence of baseball at the grass-roots level.

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    Add to Cart36676-A1Kids First STEPS Bla04/05/18 - 05/17/18 5:00P - 6:00PThSpencer Trail School$694 years to under 6 yearsN/AAvailableItem DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Co-ed

    36678 - Kids First Indoor Track&Field

    Excellent coaches will focus on teaching outdoor/indoor sprints, hurdles, jumps, running and throws in a safe and fundamental way. The program consists of body balance techniques; speed, quickness and agility drills, producing a quicker and safer more powerful performer. A series of team relay races makes Indoor Track & Field fun and entertaining. Program concludes with an event Championship Series. Kids Love It! Speed and quickness training helps for many sports.

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    Add to Cart36678-A2Kids First Indoor Tr04/07/18 - 05/19/18 1:00P - 2:15PSaLincoln Way West$695 years to under 9 yearsN/AAvailableItem DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Co-ed
    Add to Cart36678-A4Kids First Indoor Tr04/07/18 - 05/19/18 2:15P - 3:30PSaLincoln Way West$699 years to under 15 yearsN/AAvailableItem DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Co-ed

    37327 - Super Sport Recess

    What kid doesn’t love recess? Each week your child will play and learn different sports or activities. Let them burn off some energy and sign up today!

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    Add to Cart37327-A1Super Sport Recess04/04/18 - 05/16/18 5:00P - 6:00PWSpencer Trail School$49/$544 years to under 7 yearsN/AAvailableItem DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Co-ed
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